ZipBridge Simplifies Team Communication During Emergencies


Your Security Advisers Talks To Bob Williams About How ZipBridge Simplifies Team Communication

ZipBridge simplifies team communication to connect your team by phone during any emergency. One of the most important parts of any emergency preparedness plan is the ability to assemble your team. ZipBridge simplifies team communication by providing a way to connect your entire team on a conference call by launching an app on your phone. ZipBridge Simplifies Team Communication

It sounds too easy, right? Well, that what I thought until I had the opportunity to interview Bob Williams, the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of ZipBridge.

ZipBridge Simplifies Team Communication Q&A

YSA:     Bob, I am excited to learn more about ZipBridge. How did you come up with the idea to build an automated emergency conferencing app/platform that can be utilized during an emergency to bring your team together with the tap of an icon?

Bob:     It is a situation where a solution was born to solve a problem brought to us by one of our college clients.  They had a person with a gun seen on campus and their biggest problem was getting the response team on the phone to inform them of what was actually happening and formulate a response.  They had a way to call, text and email out to 10,000 constituents, but no way to communicate with the team at the critical point when the situation was unfolding.  Traditional conference calling was too slow and required too much time and effort to locate everyone and get them on a call. The client actually asked us for the solution – was there a conference call provider that called out to the participants and bridged them as they answered?  We could not find a provider, so we built the solution in ZipBridge!

How Does ZipBridge Work

YSA:     How does ZipBridge work? What separates ZipBridge apart from the competition?

Bob:     It’s really very simple and goes back to solving our original problem of getting a response team on an emergency conference call in seconds.  With ZipBridge any authorized individual can launch the call from their Contacts, the App or a Computer and once launched, all the members of the Group are called on 2 phone numbers sequentially and bridged together as they answer.  ZipBridge is better than any alternative team communication tool because it is easy to use and super-efficient getting a team on the phone.  No dial-in number or pins needed and users can even set a custom ring tone for the inbound call so they recognize it as one they really need to answer, all of which means faster more complete communication with the whole team.

Using ZipBridge For More Than Emergency Communications 

YSA:     Other than emergency conference calls, how are clients using ZipBridge?

Bob:     We see clients using ZipBridge for any unscheduled conference call.  This can range from calls with Sales teams as they respond to an opportunity, company executive staff and partners as they confer on urgent issues or daily logistical planning calls which tend to start when the dispatch manager is ready and not always at the same time each day.

YSA:     What markets, industries or businesses might benefit from using ZipBridge?

Bob:     ZipBridge can serve any business as every institution has the need to get a team on the phone for an unscheduled or emergency conference call.  That could be to address a physical problem – like a water main break, security breach, IT breakdown, fire or impending weather.  Or it could be an employee issue, a customer concern or opportunity or a public relations issue.  Any business in any industry has to deal with these issues and a successful result normally starts with immediate, clear and effective communication between the key stakeholders.

What Does The Future Look Like For ZipBridge

YSA:     Looking into your crystal ball, what does the future hold for ZipBridge?

Bob:     Providing a technology-based service it is always a challenge to stay ahead of the curve. That said, the core capability ZipBridge provides is not something likely to change anytime soon.  Multi-person real-time communication is key to incident response and ZipBridge facilitates that communication as quickly and easily as possible.  We look forward to continued growth as more businesses discover ZipBridge and see use cases where ZipBridge can add value and help facilitate and streamline unscheduled and emergency team communications.

Bio Information

Bob Williams, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

Phone: 469.249.3770


Learn More About ZipBridge

ZipBridge is a communication platform that enables instant team communications by calling out to participants and bridging them on an unscheduled or emergency conference call as they answer. No need for phone chains, text messages, emails and PIN’s to get the team on a call, just launch from the ZipBridge App or by calling a custom phone number and the team will recognize the call and be talking in seconds.

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