Winterizing Electronic Security Hardware


Avoid Future Headaches by Winterizing Electronic Security Hardware

Have you put off winterizing electronic security hardware? Has winter been slow to arrive in your part of the country? Maybe you thought you might save a little money by holding off winterizing electronic security hardware. Whatever your reason, you may still have time to winterize before it’s too late.Winterizing Electronic Security Hardware

Snow, cold, and ice can wreak havoc on your security hardware, especially if you do not maintain them throughout the year. Your electronic security provider can provide you with a preventive maintenance program to keep your equipment up a running even under the harshest of conditions.

The last thing you want to do is pay for a costly repair on something that was preventable by being proactive. Taking time to do a little preventive maintenance now will save you some money and aggravation later.

Winterizing Electronic Security Hardware Tips

  • Test Your Emergency Generator and Backup Power
  • Replace Old Backup Batteries
  • Clean and Check Electronic Gates and Clear Overgrowth
  • Check Perimeter Fence Intrusion Systems and Clear Overgrowth
  • Clear and Remove Old Tree Limbs Near Power Lines
  • Clean and Check CCTV Cameras, Make Adjustments and Repairs
  • Check Door Alarm Points, Door Hardware, and Audible Alarm Systems
  • Clean and Clear Debris Around Exterior Doors, Make Sure Doors Secure

Your electronic security hardware provider can assist you in developing a preventive maintenance program, extended warranty services, and resolving any service related issues you may experience. If you already have a service agreement or preventive maintenance program, make sure you are using it and holding your electronic security provider accountable and responsible.

If your business, school, hospital or critical infrastructure facility is in an area that is prone to harsh conditions you need to make sure you are utilizing the right equipment. Not all equipment is the same and will no work properly under certain conditions. Make sure your electronic security hardware is rated to withstand the environmental conditions in which you plan to install it. When it comes to selecting electronic security systems, remember an educated consumer is a smart consumer.

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