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Your Security Adviser Talking Visiplex Wireless Emergency Notification Solutions With Pat Devine

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Lisa Fogt, the Digital Marketing Manager for Visiplex, a provider of Wireless Emergency Notification Solutions. Lisa reached out after seeing one of my blog tweets on mass notification systems, and yes people do read things you post when you provide debateable (good) content. To make a long story short, Lisa wanted to know why I didn’t include Visiplex as part of the blog since they provide a reliable wireless solution that would meet my readers’ needs.Visiplex Wireless Emergency Notification Solutions

The original blog post “Evaluating and Integrating Emergency Notification Systems Technology into Educational Environments” was written by guest blogger Dr. Thomas Rzemyk, Ed.D., CHPP. Dr. Thomas Rzemyk discussed the best practices in implementing an emergency notification system and how it can save lives. The blog was only intended to provide an overview of best practices, not recommend a specific solution.

After doing a little research and talking to Lisa, I asked if Visiplex would be interested in being the subject of a future blog, she agreed and arranged for me to interview Pat Devine, Regional Account Manager for Visiplex.

YSA:    So Pat, what can you tell me about Visiplex?

Pat:    Visiplex Inc. is a U.S. based company that was founded in 1989 and is a leading provider of wireless communication systems that specializes in emergency and mass notification solutions. As Visiplex engineers, manufactures and distributes our products, it provides us the ability to expediently introduce innovative technology solutions to market. To better demonstrate,view here.

YSA:     What separates your wireless solution from the competition?

Pat:     Visiplex offers a unique wireless system platform, which can be custom configured and tailor made to suit our customers. Unlike most other traditional limited and labor-intensive wired systems. Moreover, Visiplex systems are fully scalable allowing for future expandability in phases or as budgets and funding availability permits.Visiplex

YSA:     What do you see as the companies obstacles (challenges) over the next 5 years?

Pat:     As potential security threats continue to escalate in scope, manner, and devastation; Visiplex strives to continually develop innovative products that provide effective and instantaneous communication during an emergency event. Visiplex systems can also operate on a variety of wireless formats including radio signal (RF) and Wi-Fi along with device operational power utilizing either standard 110V AC, low-voltage (12 / 24V DC) and PoE .

YSA:      What markets, industries or businesses can benefit the most from using your wireless emergency notification solutions?

Pat:    With our broad system capabilities and extensive equipment line, Visiplex can offer distinct communication solutions for virtually every market segment;

  • K-12 schools,
  • Higher education,
  • Commercial,
  • Industrial,
  • Healthcare and
  • Municipal organizations.

YSA:     Looking into your crystal ball, what challenges lie ahead for the security industry over the next 5-10 years?

Pat:     Today’s ever-changing security environment now requires organizations within all markets to identify, anticipate and react to safety threats ranging the gamut from disgruntled  employees to targeted attacks.  The strong relationships and interaction we maintain with our customers allows us a unique perspective on present-day security concerns and evolving solution needs in order to best respond to them.  The goal of security system providers will be to develop products and response protocols that will allow all individuals within a facility to activate and receive alerts that are immediate, technology layered and threat level appropriate.

YSA:     What does the future hold the company?

Pat:     We will continue to develop our cost-effective, wireless emergency notification product solutions while maintaining our model of designing tailored systems based on individual client needs and budgets.  Visiplex foresees the future of emergency notification to be a combination of both personalized and public alerts with real-time status and response instruction.  Our extensive industry research, close customer relationships, and progressive product development will allow us to offer affordable, functional and contemporary emergency notification solutions.

For more information, visit

Pat Devine Bio InformationVisiplex

Regional Account Manager

Visiplex, Inc.  1287 Barclay Boulevard, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Phone Number:  877-918-7243 / 847-229-0250, Ext: 203


Pat Devine has been with Visiplex for 15 years and has over 25 years experience with system design sales.

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