Douglas White Talks SmokeCloakDNA with Your Security Adviser


Talking SmokeCloakDNA with Douglas White

What is SmokeCloakDNA and how can it enhance your security program? I asked Douglas White the question, and I received a very passionate response which led to this interview.

SmokeCloakDNA with Douglas WhiteIf you follow me online you know that one of my passions is technology, I admit that I am a tech geek. I love gadgets, apps, and I am always intrigued by security technologies that help provide safe and secure environments where people work, learn, and play.I was introduced to Douglas White online; he reached out to me after seeing my profile and some of the articles posted on LinkedIn. He asked if he could have a few minutes of my time to talk to me about SmokeCloakDNA. I did a little research, was intrigued by what I saw and we schedule some time to talk.

Douglas explained that conventional “security systems design” consists of cameras, fences, intrusion detection devices, access control, and monitored alarm systems.  Companies even deploy security officers and even guard dogs to protect company assets. Not much has changed over the years and even when different strategies are combined they still have their shortcomings.

YSA: So Douglas you claim that SmokeCloakDNA can “fill the void” and prevent crime and help in prosecuting perpetrators?

Douglas: Yes, SIR!

YSA:    Okay, tell me about Smoke/CloakDNA?

Douglas:    The SmokeCloak machine generates a harmless fog (smoke) designed to fill (or ‘cloak’) a designated space within seconds rendering it impossible to see. For almost 20 years, SmokeCloak has been successful in over 50 countries protecting property and valuables. With the addition of site-specific plant-based DNA to the fog fluid (exclusively from Applied DNA Sciences of New York), SmokeCloakDNA was born, and we are building a team of Security Integrators for a greater expansion throughout the US market now! As you know, it won a Popular Science Innovation Of The Year Award (2014).

SmokeCloakDNA with Douglas WhiteSmokeCloakDNA with Douglas White

YSA:     How does it work?

Douglas:     It works Great, thanks! Seriously, SmokeCloakDNA protects by instantly filling a space with a blinding, disorienting cloud of fog. Most intruders are frightened enough to exit the way they came in, and quickly! The longer they stay inside, the worse it gets. It prevents Crimes something that security video can’t (think hoody and dark glasses). You can’t steal what you can’t see, right? Law Enforcement can prosecute perpetrators should they be lucky (unlucky?) enough to be exposed to the fog. Perpetrators are automatically exposed to that site-specific DNA (and anything they’ve managed to grab, as well) that with a simple, standard DNA swab test can be used by Police to arm-twist and will stand up in court as evidence, if necessary.

YSA:     Are there any side effects related to inhaling or coming in contact with the plant DNA? What about people with allergies? SmokeCloakDNA with Douglas White

Douglas:      Both the PG (propylene glycol) and the plant based-DNA are food-grade, and considered safe by FDA standards, remember that same PG is the main ingredient in E-cigarettes and our award-winning Fire Training fog generators have been utilized by Fire and EMS professionals around the world. Obviously, if you’re allergic to PG, exposure should be limited.

YSA:      What markets, industries or businesses can benefit the most from using SmokeCloak?

Douglas:     Great question, Ben!!   SmokeCloak and SmokeCloakDNA have been protecting Banks, Pawn Shops, Grocery Stores, Jewelry Stores, Retail Outlets, Storage and Warehouse Facilities, Construction trailers, and almost every private or commercial building or space. Most recently, we’ve been contacted by the Armed Forces and Homeland Security, even Utility Companies and Data Centers to provide protection and identification. Not surprisingly, we’ve been contacted by some desperate Pharmacy owners and Gun Shop owners, who get “hit” over and over. Another emerging Industry that requires consideration is Cannabis Dispensaries they must provide a Security Plan that includes comprehensive surveillance and protection and SmokeCloakDNA is cutting-edge, providing the ultimate in protection.

YSA:      Given your experience with law enforcement agencies, are they open to the idea of using SmokeCloak? What about false positives, the chain of custody, cost, and lab testing?

Douglas:      When Video surveillance fails, forensics (DNA and fingerprints) are becoming increasingly valuable tools to catch and prosecute criminals. Many, many Police departments have embraced DNA marking of valuables programs. Once they familiarize themselves with how forensic fog prevents many crimes before they happen and that exposed DNA can help them convict criminals, they’re all for it. Most Fire personnel train with fog generators, so they’re very familiar with how to approach a building where SmokeCloak has been activated.

Most areas can be evacuated of fog within a minute or two by opening doors and windows and utilizing fans. We haven’t had incidences of newer detectors creating false alarms, and we can customize how the unit operates to fit the installation.  In 20 years of protecting customers, we’ve never had to utilize the multi-million-dollar Security Rider for a claim for damage or injury. Our systems range in cost between 2999 to 4999 per unit for hardware, total cost needs to be based on the installed cost and structure size, of course. Testing is performed at Applied DNA Sciences of New York, but we rarely need it (costs run under 500.00, if it’s needed).

YSA:     Looking into your crystal ball, what challenges lie ahead for the security industry over the next 5-10 years?

Douglas:      We’re already seeing the change; people want a security system that prevents crime and stop it before it happens. Something safe and cost-effective. Police response can be inadequate to catch criminals in the act- robbers don’t care about fences or steel doors or cameras. And once a perp is caught, we want them behind bars, so they don’t come back. And if anything is stolen, we want that back, too! When the DNA marker can help do that – even better. As active-shooter and gang-related violence escalate, it’s more important than ever to stop attacks before they happen. This escalation is a real threat to both Businesses and residences; and sadly, even Schools and places of Worship.

So I see the shift to more people understanding Forensic Fog generators like SmokeCloakDNA, incorporating them into their existing security system, and specifying them in new construction…maybe even requiring them to be designed within a security plan for the Cannabis Industry, too.

YSA:     What does the future hold for SmokeCloak?

Douglas:     Well, I believe it’s going to require exposure and education and I thank you for the opportunity to do a bit of that here. We were just invited to speak at the NECC Expo in Boston, and I anticipate working with many other Top-Tier Security Consultants like Tony Gallo of Sapphire Protection and SIVA/BulBulyan Consulting to help design advanced “Forensic Fog” security technologies like SmokeCloakDNA.

We’re in BETA testing of next-generation machines now (should be available by mid-summer) and will be expanding our Dealer Network throughout the US with progressive Security Professionals. We’re gaining the attention of the Media, Industry leaders like yourself, friends like Chuck Harold-Security Guy Radio.

So what we’ve seen so far in the last few months since I’ve been with SmokeCloakDNA, is that the future is very bright indeed! I’m not JUST blowing smoke!

For more information, visit SmokeCloakDNA

Douglas White, Owner

D.L. White and Associates

SmokeCloakDNA Regional Sales and Marketing US.

Douglas White has almost 40 years in the Construction and Energy Conservation Fields. Douglas is the Philadelphia and Surrounding Area Representative for Magnegas Hydrogen Cutting Fuel and SmokeCloakDNA Security Solutions. Both products provide support within the Police, Fire and Rescue, EMS, and Tactical and Training Sector.

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