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Severe Weather Preparedness Plan – Are you Prepared?

How is your Severe Weather Preparedness Plan coming along? Do you have one? Do you know what to do in the event of a severe weather related emergency? A word of caution, waiting to develop your Severe Weather Preparedness Plan could mean the difference between life and death.

Severe Weather Preparedness Plan

Regardless of where you live, work, learn or play you need to have a Severe Weather Preparedness Plan. Everyone needs to have a personal plan, know your employer’s plan, know your schools plan, and understand your communities plans. Your plan or plans, depending on where you live may need to cover Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Flooding, Winter Storms, Thunderstorms, Lightning Wildfires, Landslides, Extreme Heat, and Extreme Cold. The one thing we know for sure about mother nature is that she is unpredictable and can strike at any time.

Severe Weather Preparedness Plan – Step One

The key to surviving an emergency is time, how much time do you have to react before the emergency hits. Some emergencies, especially weather, are hard to predict and can strike with little or no warning, so you need to monitor weather activity, alerts, and warnings.

  • Monitor Severe Weather Activity – News, Weather Reports, Apps, and Social Media
  • Receive Alerts and Warnings – Signup for and monitor alerts and warning
  • Audible Alert Systems – How does it work and what does it mean

Severe Weather Preparedness Plan – Step Two

Everyone needs a plan to ensure your safety, your families safety, your employee’s safety, your Severe Weather Preparedness Plan Americas PrepareAthon Daystudent’s safety, or for the safety of your community. The good news is you may not have to develop them all, but you do need to know if the plans exist and understand them. I didn’t know, is not a valid excuse and could mean the difference between life and death. Additionally, make sure your place of work, your child’s schools, and your community all have a Severe Weather Preparedness Plan.

  • Develop A Personal Plan – What you will do
  • Develop Your Family Plan – What will your family do
  • Develop Your Business or Institutions Plan – What you and your employees will do
  • Develop Your School Plan – What your students, faculty, and staff will do
  • Develop Your Community Plan – What your community will do

Severe Weather Preparedness Plan – Step Three

Don’t have a plan, get one, I’ll even get you started by providing links to free resources. Yes, free resources, okay maybe not free, but it’s your tax money at works so take advantage of the opportunity. You can find the links by clicking on Your Security Adviser Resource Library, which will take you to a page with the resource links and a site synopsis.

Severe Severe Weather Preparedness Plan – Social Media Alerts

Both Twitter and Facebook offer emergency alert platform, but the information is not readily available and may be difficult to find. To learn more about Social Media Alerts, you may want to read my blog Social Networking Alerts

Severe Weather Preparedness Plan – Development

Don’t have the time, or need help developing your Emergency Preparedness Plans? If so, contact LARGO Consulting Services for a free initial consultation.

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