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Is The Security Industry Ready To Embrace Drones

Embrace Drones, Military Drones
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) (www.dollarphotoclub)

Security Professionals Its time to embrace drones as part of your security program. The use of domestic drones to perform a variety of functions is becoming very popular. When most people think of a drone or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), their first image is that of the military-style drone. However, drones come in many shapes and sizes, some look like planes while others look like helicopters or quad copters typically used by the hobbyist.

We are most familiar with the use of drones during military conflicts. We might one day receive our packages by a delivery drone. We also know that drones can even be a very useful tool in fighting crime.

Drones can go places that are dangerous, off-limits or life-threatening. Drones can be  equipped with cameras, sensors, weapons and pretty much anything you can imagine. Security professionals could deploy drones to patrol facility perimeters, isolated infrastructures, and even provided CCTV surveillance during a crisis.

Embrace Drones, Emergency Medical Response Drones
Emergency Medical Response Drone (www.dollarphotoclub.com)

The Federal Aviation Administration continues to develop regulations and policies regarding the use of commercial and private drones. For the latest information, visit the Federal Aviation Administration website.

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As security professionals, we must keep in mind that a drone can be a very useful tool in the right hands, but can also be a very dangerous tool in evil hands. Additionally, security professionals have to consider privacy issues and how to protect facilities against the evil drones.

Embrace Drones, Copter Style Drones
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I am not sure that the public is ready to accept drones buzzing around our heads. However, law enforcement and security professionals need to embrace drones as another tool in their arsenal to provide a safe and secure environment where people live, work, learn, and play.

Feel free to share how you are planning to use domestic drones as part of your overall security or law enforcement programs. I am sure others would be interested in hearing how you plan to embrace drones or how you plan to protect your facility from drones.


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