Security And Safety Program Keeping You Up At Night


Maybe Its Time To Assess Your Security And Safety Program

Security and Safety Program

Are you losing sleep over your security and safety program?  Are you kept up at night worrying about your security and safety program? Are you concerned that your physical security systems may not deliver as promised? Do you feel comfortable that your team will perform to the highest standards during an emergency?

Should you be worried about your security and safety program?

The simple answer is yes, especially when tasked to do more with less. Maybe you postpone repairs, held off doing an upgrade or had to reduce your security staff. In most situations, you don’t have a choice, and in some cases it might be best to move on to a better opportunity.

As security professionals, we are tasked with the responsibility of providing the highest level of security and safety when it comes to protecting assets, the public, employees, and students. You may be responsible for the security and safety program of a corporation, business, critical infrastructure facility, healthcare facility, school, shopping center, high-rise office building or events.

But, regardless of your situation, take the time to assess your security and safety program. A simple assessment will provide a benchmark of your existing security and safety program and determine if you have any security and safety issues.

You can conduct the security assessment on your own, but an unbiased opinion from a qualified security consultant might be the best way to convince the powers to be that you need additional resources.

If you are looking for a good night sleep, start by answering the following questions.

  1. Have you fully tested your physical security system in the last six months?
  2. Is your security equipment working correctly?
  3. Do you have written standards outlining security hardware?
  4. Do you have detailed security site plans and wiring diagrams?
  5. Is your security equipment serviced and maintained on a regular basis?
  6. Do you train and retrain your staff on a regular basis?
  7. Are your operations manuals and response plans up to date?
  8. Do you table-top your response plans on a regular basis?
  9. Are you adhering to federal, state and local security and safety requirements?
  10. Was your answer YES to questions 1 through 9?

If you answered yes to questions 1 through 9, good for you and you are on your way to a restful night sleep. If you answered NO to question 10, then you have some work to do before you truly get a good night sleep.

Even if you answered YES to questions 1 through 9, you probably still have stuff that keeps you up at night. The stuff goes along with the job and is usually the unknown or the uncontrollable, but if you can take care what you can control you have a better chance of getting that good night sleep.

So, what keeps you up at night?

Authors Note: The above article originally entitled What Keeps You Up At Night was first posted in February 2015, but has since been updated and revised.

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