Reinventing Your Physical Security Performance


Reinventing Your Physical Security Performance May Just Knock The Bad Guys Off Their Game

Let’s talk about reinventing your physical security performance. Some time ago, we wrote that physical security assessments should be conducted at times of crisis.  We have seen terrorist attacks in Paris, San Bernardo, CA, and Brussels. We have also seen the threat levels and security awareness increase in theReinventing Your Physical Security Performancese areas.

Question: “What have you done recently to increase your level of physical security?  Assessment?  More training?  Did you request that additional doors be secured?  Have you looked at utilizing social threat assessments as a way to track social media activity? During these times of crisis, it is our recommendation that you also increase your level of protection.  As national threat levels go up, so should your threat awareness.

Reinventing Your Physical Security PerformanceIt’s during these times of crisis that physical security components get updated, and additional physical security measures often get approved.  Conducting annual or monthly security reviews and improving security at your site will fuel overall security performance.

At times, physical security programs need a shot in the arm or a wake-up call. Increase the rounds made by your security officers within your complex to improve security coverage.  Set up a schedule to check all alarm sensors and make sure they are working properly.  Check also to ensure that all cameras are recording properly.
All of your physical security components must be operational and providing you with the best protection possible.

If you haven’t done so already, you may want to implement social threat assessments to monitor social media activity that may be a precursor to an incident. The use of social media assessments is growing in popularity since they can utilize technology to track hashtags, monitor social media activity in a defined area, monitor owners account activity and track keyword usage.

The combination of Reinventing Your Physical Security Performance and the addition of Social Media Assessments can be valuable tools in mitigating risk and knock the bad guys off their game.

Guest Author – Lawrence J. Fennelly, CHL III, CPOI, CSSI, CSSP-I, Litigation Consultants, Inc.

Guest Author –  Marianna Perry, M.S., CPP, CSSP-I, Loss Prevention and Safety Management, LLC

Contributor – Bernard D. Gollotti, CPP, LARGO Consulting Services, LLC

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