September Is National Preparedness Month 2016


It’s National Preparedness Month 2016 ARE YOU PREPARED?

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month 2016 so “Don’t Wait, Communicate, Make Your Emergency Plan Today.” Have you made your family preparedness plans, school emergency response plans, family plans, pet care plans, or special event plans in the case of an emergency?

National Preparedness Month 2016

If you are a security professional, you should (hopefully) have preparedness plans in place to manage domestic incidents as part of the National Incident Management System. In the event you don’t, it’s never too late to start preparing for an emergency, just don’t wait. Are your plans already in place? If so National Preparedness Month 2016 is an excellent time to review, update and practice those plans.

National Preparedness Month & PrepareAthon

As part of National Preparedness Month, I will be sharing tips to help you prepare your personal, family, business, school, and event preparedness plans. America’s PrepareAthon is a Call-to-Action grassroots campaign to encourage community preparedness and resilience in dealing with disasters. Are you an active PrepareAthon participant? If not, why not?

Looking for a plan? Then check out the following resources or search emergency preparedness plans samples, using your favorite browser and you will be provided thousands of results in seconds. Do you need professional help? LARGO Consulting Services can help develop your emergency preparedness plans and provide training for your family, employees, or your students, faculty, and staff.

Emergency Preparedness Resource Links

Emergency Preparedness and Response Apps

National Preparedness Month 2016 will focus on weekly themes over the next five weeks leading up to National PrepareAthon Day on September 25, 2016.

  • Kickoff to National Preparedness Month – Week 1
  • Preparing Family and Friends – Week 2
  • Preparing Through Service – Week 3
  • Individual Preparedness – Week 4
  • Lead Up to National PrepareAthon! Day – Week 5

For more information and resources visit 2016 National Preparedness Month and National PrepareAthon Day.

Photo Credit: Jana Baldwin – The logo for National Preparedness Month 2016

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