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Developing Your Emergency Preparedness Plans

As National Preparedness Month draws to a close take time to evaluate your emergency preparedness plans. Businesses, schools, families and individuals need to take the necessary steps to prepare and plan for a variety of emergencies. Emergency Preparedness PlansOnce you develop your plans, don’t forget to practice and share them so everyone can be prepared when a disaster strikes.

Preparedness isn’t about a month in the year, it’s about every day, what you need to do to keep yourself, family, friends, students, employees, and pets safe. Taking a little time to prepare, plan, and practice today might just save you, your loved ones, students, and employees.

Preparing and planning for an emergency or disaster can be as easy following the guidelines set forth by Ready.gov. Some plans may take a little more time to develop, but they should not be complicated. Keeping your plans simple and easy to understand is the secret to implementing effective emergency response plans.

Personally, I like to keep my emergency response plans to a few easy to remember steps, regardless if I am preparing personal, family, school or business plans. When it comes to emergency planning more is not necessarily better. Your plans should cover both natural and human-made disasters and or emergency situations.

Emergency Planning Resources

If you need a plan, you can check out the following resources or search emergency preparedness plans samples, and you’ll be provided thousands of results in seconds. If you need professional help, LARGO Consulting Services can help develop your emergency preparedness plans and provide training for your family, employees, or your students, faculty, and staff.

Ready Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed

US Department of Homeland Security

FEMA National Incident Management System

FEMA National Preparedness System

US Department of Homeland Security Citizen Apps

FEMA Mobile App

Emergency Preparedness and Response Apps

For more information and resources visit National Preparedness Month and National PrepareAthon Day.

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