Emergency Communication Plan Preparedness Reminder


Your Emergency Communication Plan Preparedness Reminder

Consider National Preparedness Month as your reminder to develop, update, share, and practice your Emergency Communication Plan. Although National Preparedness Month is geared towards families and communities, it is the perfect reminder that you, your family, school, and business needs an emergency communication plan.

What is an Emergency Communication Plan?

Your Emergency Communication Plan is a way to let your family, friends, students, and employees know how you will communicate in the event of a disaster. The plan must cover emergency response plans, alert notifications, communication options, evacuations, and safe meeting places.

Emergency Response Plans

Emergency Communication Plan Not only do you need to know how you will respond in the event of an emergency you also need to know how your family, schools, and places of employment are going to respond. Knowing other plans will help you respond and may even provide a little piece of mind during a crisis.

If you can’t find a copy of your schools or businesses plans online ask for a copy, they shouldn’t be keeping them a secret.

Severe Weather Preparedness Plan – Are you Prepared?

Alert Notifications

Monitoring potential emergencies have never been easier; you can download news app and emergency preparedness to any devices and set alert notifications. You can even register for alerts through your local communities, just visit your state, city, or community website to find the necessary links. Social Media site such as Facebook and Twitter offer alert notifications, and Facebook provides a family and friend check-in platform which can be activated during an emergency.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Apps

Facebooks Safety Check Disaster Notification Tool

Twitter Alerts Emergency Notification Tweets

Communication Options

Imagine if all network, phone, and cellular communication went down during an emergency, how would you communicate. You need a plan on what you are going to do, where you are going to meet and how you will get to your meeting point.

Evacuations and Safe Meeting Place

Do you have an Evacuation Plan? Are you prepared if you have to evacuate? Do you have a Go Bag? How about a safe place to meet? By the way, don’t forget about your pet!

Planning for an emergency should not be an over complicated endeavor. To help you develop your plan you may want to take a look at the resource link below, if you need further assistance can contact me at LARGO Consulting Services. So, “Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Plan Today.”

Emergency Planning Resource Links

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