Electronic Security Hacks 3 Tips That Are Low Cost High ROI


Electronic Security Hacks To Help Improve Security 

How would you like to improve your electronic security program and save money at the same time? It can be done, but will require a little time and effort on your part. Over the years, I have been challenged to do more with less and I realize I am not alone. Below are 3 electronic security hacks that are low/no cost that can provide a high return-on-investment

Electronic Security Hacks #1 of 3 The Self-Assessment

When was the last time you assessed the effectiveness of you your electronic security program? At a minimum, you should do a self-assessment on a yearly basis. The self-assessment should include testing alarms, access control, and CCTV surveillance systems to ensure they are working.

Electronic Security Hacks, Security System Assessment Team
Security Assessment Team

Some electronic security systems are critical to life safety and require testing on a regular basis. Critical systems testing should include at a minimum, testing the emergency communication systems, duress alarms, and perimeter intrusion detection systems.

To test the effectiveness of your staff’s use of your electronic security system I recommend conducting a self-assessment to test the staff’s response. The self-assessment should be a planned coordinated effort with key stakeholders to evaluate team response during an actual alarm notification.

By using your security officers, facilities personnel and key stakeholders to conduct the self-assessment you are bringing people together to provide a safer place to work, learn or play. Utilizing existing resources is low cost and can be a great way to maximize your return-on-investment. Just don’t forget to thank the team and correct or repair any deficiencies you discover.

Electronic Security Hacks #2 of 3 Your Systems Full Potential 

I bet you are not utilizing your electronic security system to its full potential nor do you have the time to invest in fully understanding all of the available features. Today’s electronic security systems offer a lot of bells and whistles that support security platforms and devices. The problem is that most systems offer more options than the average security professional will ever need or use.

Electronic Security Hacks, Security Maximized Potential
Maximize Security System Potential

One of the biggest areas of opportunity for an electronic security integrator to engage customers is to keep the customer up to date on emerging trends and technologies. More likely than not electronic security systems are installed and updated without the end user having a clear understanding of the latest bells and whistles.

Requiring your electronic security integrator to provide training every time the system is upgraded and new features are available will help enhance your electronic security program. I recommend scheduling regular meetings with your security providers to discuss emerging trends and best practices.

It’s okay to bring together your key stakeholders, electronic security provider, and contract security provider to strategize. I like to think of vested stakeholders as strategic partners that can help influence non-supports to support your department’s initiatives in providing safe and secure environment where we work, learn or plan.

Electronic Security Hacks #3 of 3 Be An Educated Consumer 

Take the time to become an educated consumer of electronic security systems, emerging trends and technologies. As a security professional you have access to a lot of resources and the majority of them are free.

Electronic Security Hacks, Security Conference
Security Conference

Take advantage of webinars, reading materials, videos, organization affiliations and colleagues before investing in any new systems or programs. Have a topic you need to explore – just Google it. Need a trusted advisor – consider hiring a consultant as part of your team so you can concentrate on your core duties.

Remember showrooms and exhibits are not the best locations to judge equipment or systems since the demos are optimized to maximize results and sales. To get a true evaluation of the electronic security system or hardware you need to evaluate it under live conditions. Ask to visit other user sites and don’t be afraid to ask for an on-site trial demo before you invest in any new technologies.

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Being an educated consumer can save you thousands of dollars and minimize future heartaches when it comes to developing and maintaining your electronic security program.

Staying Current On Emerging Trends And Technologies

As security professionals, we face many challenges and often have limited resources at our disposal. I started Your Security Adviser to bring people together to provide safe and secure environments where we work, learn or play. The goal is to share relevant and interesting security information while being your go-to resource for all things security

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