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Drones Should The Security Industry Be Concerned  

I first published a post about drones in April 2015, but after reading a recent article by Ed Mazza Overnight Editor, of The Huffington Post, “Connecticut Teen Made A Drone That Fires A Semi-Automatic Handgun And Police Say It’s Legal,” I felt it was important to approach the subject again.

Drones police unmanned aerial vehicle

It seems as though we are living in fear not knowing when the next mass shooting incident will take place, will it be a school, church, movie theater, shopping center or your place of work. Now we have to worry about drones being equipped with a semi-automatic weapon and the lack of regulations and laws to protect the public.

I am not against the use of drones by the hobbyist, public safety professionals or even by companies such as Amazon. I am however concerned about our rights to privacy, the ability of individuals being able to disrupt emergency response vehicles, and equipping drones with a weapon.

If you didn’t have a concern about the use and regulation of drones before, you might want to reconsider your stance. Be proactive and develop a plan, policy and procedures to secure your facility, business, and campus.

As with any new technology, it takes a while to adapt and figure out all the pros and cons. I have no doubt that legislators will determine how to regulate the use of drones so both the hobbyist, security professionals, and emergency responders can coexist. In the meantime maybe the best regulation would be to use a little common sense.

Feel free to share how you are planning to use domestic drones as part of your overall security or law enforcement programs. I am sure others would be interested in hearing how you plan to embrace the use of drones or how you plan to protect your facility from drones.

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