School Safety and Security Tech a Democratization

School Safety and Security Tech A Millennials Perspective What is the democratization of school safety and security tech and what does it mean for school administrators? At school safety and security conferences that I attend with my company Ruvna, I tend to stick out a bit. It’s not the beard, […]

Your Security Adviser Talks DragonForce With James Sim

DragonForce Common Operating Picture Provides Team Collaboration As the Senior Associate Vice President of Public Safety at Drexel University, I was an early adopter of DragonForce, if not the first. Jim and his team approached me in 2004, to beta test a ruggedized handheld device that could track our officer’s […]

iOS 9 My 5 Favorite New Mobile Operating Enhancements

Apple Releases iOS 9 New Mobile Operating System Apple promised that iOS 9 would be full of enhancements and after downloading the upgrade on my iPhone 6+ and iPad Mini I had the opportunity to check out some of the new features. A few of the features such as easier […]

Apple Watch Review 100 Days Later And A Bright Future

My Apple Watch Review After 100 Days My Apple Watch review after 100 days. I like it very much, I don’t love it, but I believe it has a bright future. I know the reviews are mixed, sales are still a big question mark, and the release was a bit […]

Apple Watch And Being A Technology Geek

Does Owning An Apple Watch Make Me A Technology Geek I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Apple Watch. Yes, I was one of those people that stayed up until 3:01 am to order a watch. The entire process took 4 minutes, and my confirmation email arrived at 3:05 am. […]

Apples Watch Will Be The Bond Of Watches

Would James Bond wear Apples Watch? I have always been a big fan of Ian Flemings, James Bond 007, and it got me wondering if Q would tweak Apples Watch to be used by the iconic good guy. Apple’s Watch exudes coolness when you first see it and if you […]

iPhone 6 Plus – I Think I Killed The Tablet

Did My iPhone 6 Plus Kill The Tablet I didn’t mean to do it, but I have fallen in love with my iPhone 6 Plus and wouldn’t know what to do without it. I can do all the basics like make calls, email, and text message, but the real benefit […]