School Security Planning Doesn’t Take The Summer Off

Summer School Security Planning For Smart Security Professionals Now that you have successfully planned and secured your proms, award ceremonies, sporting events and graduation, the school year is officially winding down and now is the time to think about your summer school security planning initiatives. Students, teachers, and other ten-month […]

Childrens Internet Protection Act Protects Students

Childrens Internet Protection Act Protects Students is an Informational Sheet for Public and Private Schools The Childrens Internet Protection Act protects students from access to obscene or harmful content over the Internet. In today’s era, it is imperative for educational institutions across the United States to have internet safety polices […]

Are Lanyards A Viable Visitor Tracking Option For Schools

Lanyards As A Viable Visitor Tracking Options in K-12 Educational Environments Are lanyards a Viable Options in K-12 Educational Environments? In academic institutions today, it is very common for visitors to be permitted access into a building through a dedicated entrance via the use of a buzzer and/or a video […]

National Safe Schools Week Why Not Safe Schools Everyday

National Safe Schools Week National Safe Schools Week should be an everyday priority. Keeping our schools safe and secure must be our number one priority regardless if it’s K-12, post-secondary education or higher education. As National Safe Schools Week draws to a close, it’s important to keep in mind that […]

Bear Proofing School Safety and Security Programs

How do you go about bear proofing your school’s safety and security program? Bear proofing your schools access control, should be as easy keeping the doors secured, or so you would think. So a “bear wanders into Montana high school,” sounding like the beginning of a bad joke, right. But, […]

Guns to Corkscrews and Everything in Between

Guns to Corkscrews What the H-e Double Hockey Sticks Is Going On I’ll admit, I cringe every time I read another story of a senseless an act of violence on our college and university campuses, which includes everything from guns to corkscrews. What the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on? […]

School Safety Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible

School Safety Tips Did you have the school safety conversation with your kids? Regardless, if they are in K-12, off to college or just getting started on their own, it’s never too late to have the talk. When I picked up my daughter from her first day of school, I […]

Back to School Security and Safety Checklist

Your Back to School Security and Safety Checklist In preparing for the new school year, you should have a Back to School Security and Safety Checklist. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming list of things to do, but rather a list of reminders. Focus on items to ensure you […]