Checking In With Ryan Loughin President Of NextGen Security

Your Security Adviser Talks NextGen Security With Ryan Loughin I had the opportunity to meet with Ryan Loughin, President of NextGen Security, and his partner CEO Frank Brewer, in their new office in Exton, PA. Frank, Ryan and I have been colleagues since my days at Drexel University when Security […]

ZipBridge Simplifies Team Communication During Emergencies

Your Security Advisers Talks To Bob Williams About How ZipBridge Simplifies Team Communication ZipBridge simplifies team communication to connect your team by phone during any emergency. One of the most important parts of any emergency preparedness plan is the ability to assemble your team. ZipBridge simplifies team communication by providing a […]

Tom King and Your Security Adviser Talk Communicated Threats

Talking Communicated Threats With Executive Director Tom King I recently had the opportunity to catch up with a good friend of mine, Tom King after a recent presentation on Communicated Threats at the 2016 IACELA Conference. Tom is the Executive Director of Campus Security at Haverford College and Bryn Mawr […]

Douglas White Talks SmokeCloakDNA with Your Security Adviser

Talking SmokeCloakDNA with Douglas White What is SmokeCloakDNA and how can it enhance your security program? I asked Douglas White the question, and I received a very passionate response which led to this interview. If you follow me online you know that one of my passions is technology, I admit […]

Rick Shaw Talks Prevention with Your Security Adviser

Rick Shaw: Most liabilities, incidents, and tragedies were preventable. However, most people are not aware of how prevention was possible and is possible going forward. What is the key to prevention and preventing preventable incidents? Rick Shaw, CEO at Awareity, and I have been serving together on the ASIS International […]

Brent Franklin Talks Securing Our Critical Infrastructure

Brent Franklin Interview with Your Security Adviser I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Brent Franklin, President and founder of Unlimited Technology, Inc. just before he was getting ready to jet off to meet with clients. I have known Brent Franklin for years and had the opportunity to […]

Sam Vinicur Talks Security Recruitment Sales and Marketing

Sam Vinicur Q&A With Your Security Adviser I met Sam Vinicur nearly 25 years ago when we were both working at SpectaGuard, Inc. and we have made remained friends ever since. Sam Vinicur was the Security Director for Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, a division of Johnson & Johnson in Springhouse, PA. SpectaGuard […]

Joel Richman Talking PMBOK with Your Security Adviser

The Physical Security Industry and PMBOK I recently caught up with Joel Richman, and we talked about PMBOK (?) and the physical security industry. What is PMBOK, don’t worry if you never heard of it, I promise not to leave you hanging. Joel Richman is an IT Security Expert, Microsoft […]