Hurricane Alert A Storm Is Tracking Towards the East Coast

Hurricane Alert Are you prepared? Hurricane Alert Hurricane Alert, weather and news agencies are reporting a hurricane tracking towards the east coast. For the latest tracking information visit the National Hurricane Center and monitor news outlets and community emergency notifications for updates. Individuals in the projected path of a hurricane […]

Americas PrepareAthon Day Be Smart Take Part Prepare

Americas PrepareAthon Day Is Part of National Preparedness Month As National Preparedness Month comes to an end and cumulating on September 30, with Americas PrepareAthon Day. Americas PrepareAthon Day is a “grassroots campaign” bring communities together to promote preparedness and resilience. When National Preparedness Month kicked off, I asked a […]

Power Outage What To Do If the Lights Go Out

2015 National Preparedness MonthPower Outage Planning A power outage is usually the by-product of a natural or human-made disaster and comes without warning. Since our homes, schools and business rely on an energy source to power appliances, equipment, and technology, even a short power outage can negatively impact our lively […]

Hurricane Season Preparedness Planning

Hurricane Season Is June 1 through November 30 Are you prepared for Hurricane Season? With the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, we should all have a greater appreciation the need to prepare for an emergency. Regardless, if it’s a natural disaster or human-made disaster we have a […]

Social Media Alert Notifications and Preparedness Planning

Your Preparedness Planning Needs To Include Social Media Alert Notifications Social media alert notifications need to be part of your overall Emergency Preparedness Communication Plan. Twitter and Facebook both offer tools to help keep families, employees, and students informed before, during, and after a disaster or emergency. The use of […]

Wildfire Safety Tips Help Smokey Bear and Stay Prepared

Wildfire Safety Tips “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires” Wildfire Safety Tips –  The website provides tips on how to prepare, protect, and information on what to do when returning home after a Wildfire. Do you live in a high risk are for Wildfires? The National Fire Danger Rating System […]

Pet Preparedness Do Not Forget Your Pet

Pet Preparedness Please Do Not Leave Your Pet Behind If you have a pet, don’t forget your pet preparedness plans. Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst disasters in history. Katrina left most of New Orleans underwater, affected millions of people, and caused billions of dollars in property damage. Many […]

Floods Turn Around, Don’t Drown! National Preparedness Month

Emergency Preparedness – Floods The first National Preparedness Month 2015 weekly theme is Floods. The nice thing about the website is that it keeps things simple and doesn’t overwhelm you with a lot of text or advertising. It simply provides you with the facts, tips, and what is important […]

National Preparedness Month 2015 And Americas PrepareAthon

September Is National Preparedness Month 2015 September is National Preparedness Month 2015 and this year’s theme is “Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.” Have you made your personal preparedness plan, family plan, or plans for your pet in the event of an emergency? Are you involved in community […]

Twitter Alerts Emergency Notification Tweets

Twitter Alerts How To Get Started Twitter Alerts enables public safety organizations to provide important information in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. Twitter Alerts provides a reliable tool and familiar notification platform that allows regional, national, and international public safety organizations to keep people informed during a […]