Visiplex Specializing In Wireless Emergency Notification Solutions

Your Security Adviser Talking Visiplex Wireless Emergency Notification Solutions With Pat Devine I recently had the opportunity to talk to Lisa Fogt, the Digital Marketing Manager for Visiplex, a provider of Wireless Emergency Notification Solutions. Lisa reached out after seeing one of my blog tweets on mass notification systems, and […]

ZipBridge Simplifies Team Communication During Emergencies

Your Security Advisers Talks To Bob Williams About How ZipBridge Simplifies Team Communication ZipBridge simplifies team communication to connect your team by phone during any emergency. One of the most important parts of any emergency preparedness plan is the ability to assemble your team. ZipBridge simplifies team communication by providing a […]

Emergency Communication Plan Preparedness Reminder

Your Emergency Communication Plan Preparedness Reminder Consider National Preparedness Month as your reminder to develop, update, share, and practice your Emergency Communication Plan. Although National Preparedness Month is geared towards families and communities, it is the perfect reminder that you, your family, school, and business needs an emergency communication plan. […]

September Is National Preparedness Month 2016

It’s National Preparedness Month 2016 ARE YOU PREPARED? Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month 2016 so “Don’t Wait, Communicate, Make Your Emergency Plan Today.” Have you made your family preparedness plans, school emergency response plans, family plans, pet care plans, or special event plans in the case of […]

ISIS Inspired Nightclub Shooting Will America Ever be the Same

ISIS Inspired Nightclub Shooting In Orlando Is The Worst Mass Shooting In United States History Will America ever be safe again after Omar Saddiqui Manteen’s ISIS inspired nightclub shooting? In the early morning hours of June 12, 2016, twenty-nine-year-old Omar Saddiqui Mateen entered the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida […]

Ruvna A Real-Time Student Locator During Emergencies

Your Security Adviser Talks Ruvna A Real-Time Student Locator During Emergencies With CEO Joey Nutinsky I recently connected with the developers of Ruvna A Real-Time Student Locator During Emergencies through social media after their CFO Marshall Singer read one of my blogs. Marshall asked if I had time to look […]

Free Severe Weather Preparedness Plan Resources

Severe Weather Preparedness Plan – Are you Prepared? How is your Severe Weather Preparedness Plan coming along? Do you have one? Do you know what to do in the event of a severe weather related emergency? A word of caution, waiting to develop your Severe Weather Preparedness Plan could mean […]

Tornado Preparedness Planning Are You Prepared

Toto, I’ve A Feeling We’re Not In Kansas Anymore Tornado Preparedness Planning Tornado Preparedness Planning and what you need to know so you don’t end up in Oz. We all know the story of the girl in the blue checkered dress, her dog, and a flying house that lands on a […]

Emergency Notification Systems Evaluation and Integration

Evaluating and Integrating Emergency Notification Systems Technology into Educational Environments There are several educational institutions around the United States that have on-premise based security personnel, or at least one individual that is in charge of emergency notification systems, disaster planning, and security. In all instances, it is important for these […]

Fire Prevention Over a Million Fires in 2014

Fire Prevention Week 2015 Fire Prevention Week 2015, is October 4, 2015, through October 10, 2015. Did you know that Fire Prevention Week commemorates the 1871 Great Chicago Fire that killed more than 250 people? Although the legend of Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow starting the fire lives on, it has been […]