CCTV Security Surveillance Systems A View From Across The Pond

CCTV Security Surveillance Systems What’s Trending In The United Kingdom London’s Metropolitan Police say you’re less likely to become a victim of a crime if you have a well-fitted and maintained security system, which includes CCTV Security Surveillance Systems. Whether it’s in your home or place of work having a […]

School Security Planning Doesn’t Take The Summer Off

Summer School Security Planning For Smart Security Professionals Now that you have successfully planned and secured your proms, award ceremonies, sporting events and graduation, the school year is officially winding down and now is the time to think about your summer school security planning initiatives. Students, teachers, and other ten-month […]

Your Security Adviser Talks DragonForce With James Sim

DragonForce Common Operating Picture Provides Team Collaboration As the Senior Associate Vice President of Public Safety at Drexel University, I was an early adopter of DragonForce, if not the first. Jim and his team approached me in 2004, to beta test a ruggedized handheld device that could track our officer’s […]

ISIS Inspired Nightclub Shooting Will America Ever be the Same

ISIS Inspired Nightclub Shooting In Orlando Is The Worst Mass Shooting In United States History Will America ever be safe again after Omar Saddiqui Manteen’s ISIS inspired nightclub shooting? In the early morning hours of June 12, 2016, twenty-nine-year-old Omar Saddiqui Mateen entered the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida […]

Ruvna A Real-Time Student Locator During Emergencies

Your Security Adviser Talks Ruvna A Real-Time Student Locator During Emergencies With CEO Joey Nutinsky I recently connected with the developers of Ruvna A Real-Time Student Locator During Emergencies through social media after their CFO Marshall Singer read one of my blogs. Marshall asked if I had time to look […]

Remembering Muhammad Ali For Being True To Who He Was

Muhammad Ali Was Bigger Than Life Before Facebook, Twitter, and ESPN I woke this morning to the news that we lost a sports legend overnight. Muhammad Ali was bigger than life at a time without Facebook, Twitter or ESPN. He did it the old-fashioned way by being true to who he […]

25 Really Important Camp Safety Questions You Should Ask

Before Sending Your Kids Off To Summer Camp Ask These 25 Camp Safety Questions When selecting a summer camp for your kids, you need to ask the administrator some important camp safety questions. Asking the right questions will go a long way in keeping your children safe at summer camp and […]

Youth Sports Need The Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy And Youth Sports With the cost of playing youth sports on the rise, many children from low-income families have limited access to organized leagues. Equipment, transportation, and private coaching costs have made competing in many sports extremely expensive. The simple days of kids playing on vacant fields […]

Problem Solving 101 WHY IS THIS A PROBLEM

Problem Solving 101 Work The Solution Not The Problem Problem Solving 101 – It’s 7:45 Monday morning.  You’re in the break room, perfecting your first cup of coffee, mentally organizing your day.  In between your second sip and the last splash of creamer your boss steps in. “I’m glad to […]