ZipBridge Simplifies Team Communication During Emergencies

Your Security Advisers Talks To Bob Williams About How ZipBridge Simplifies Team Communication ZipBridge simplifies team communication to connect your team by phone during any emergency. One of the most important parts of any emergency preparedness plan is the ability to assemble your team. ZipBridge simplifies team communication by providing a […]

School Safety and Security Tech a Democratization

School Safety and Security Tech A Millennials Perspective What is the democratization of school safety and security tech and what does it mean for school administrators? At school safety and security conferences that I attend with my company Ruvna, I tend to stick out a bit. It’s not the beard, […]

Security Professionals Training Guide To Pokemon Go

Your Very Own Security Professionals Training Guide To Pokemon Go A Security Professionals Training Guide to Pokemon Go will help keep your facility safe, you safe, and your family safe from the resurgences of Pokemon fanatics. If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go, you may be in the minority; it […]

CCTV Security Surveillance Systems A View From Across The Pond

CCTV Security Surveillance Systems What’s Trending In The United Kingdom London’s Metropolitan Police say you’re less likely to become a victim of a crime if you have a well-fitted and maintained security system, which includes CCTV Security Surveillance Systems. Whether it’s in your home or place of work having a […]

Your Security Adviser Talks DragonForce With James Sim

DragonForce Common Operating Picture Provides Team Collaboration As the Senior Associate Vice President of Public Safety at Drexel University, I was an early adopter of DragonForce, if not the first. Jim and his team approached me in 2004, to beta test a ruggedized handheld device that could track our officer’s […]

Ruvna A Real-Time Student Locator During Emergencies

Your Security Adviser Talks Ruvna A Real-Time Student Locator During Emergencies With CEO Joey Nutinsky I recently connected with the developers of Ruvna A Real-Time Student Locator During Emergencies through social media after their CFO Marshall Singer read one of my blogs. Marshall asked if I had time to look […]

Sam Vinicur Talks Security Recruitment Sales and Marketing

Sam Vinicur Q&A With Your Security Adviser I met Sam Vinicur nearly 25 years ago when we were both working at SpectaGuard, Inc. and we have made remained friends ever since. Sam Vinicur was the Security Director for Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, a division of Johnson & Johnson in Springhouse, PA. SpectaGuard […]

Emergency Notification Systems Evaluation and Integration

Evaluating and Integrating Emergency Notification Systems Technology into Educational Environments There are several educational institutions around the United States that have on-premise based security personnel, or at least one individual that is in charge of emergency notification systems, disaster planning, and security. In all instances, it is important for these […]

Winterizing Electronic Security Hardware

Avoid Future Headaches by Winterizing Electronic Security Hardware Have you put off winterizing electronic security hardware? Has winter been slow to arrive in your part of the country? Maybe you thought you might save a little money by holding off winterizing electronic security hardware. Whatever your reason, you may still […]

Sexting Incidents Lead To Arrest And Accident

Sexting Incidents In the News Recent sexting incidents lead to the arrest of middle school students from a Philadelphia area school and may have been responsible for a deadly crash in California. You would hope that adults would have more common sense than to be sexting and driving, but kids […]